Regain Your Healthiest Smile with Implants Expertly Placed by your Apopka Dentist

Apopka DentistOne of our most loved assets is our smile. A smile is a universal way to show friendliness, and smiles are contagious! When something about your smile is not as attractive as you’d like it to be, your Apopka dentist, Dr. Kirk Cohil from Cohil Family Dentistry, is happy to help improve that smile.

One way to improve smiles is the high quality replacement solution known as dental implants. These specially created implants are considered to be a permanent fix. There is a 97 percent success rate with Apopka dental implants, and they last for years as long as they’re cared for properly. Care for implants is easy! It’s simply regular brushing and flossing, just like you would do for your natural teeth.

Implants are Confidence Boosters

Since dental implants look totally natural and restore the full functionality of your teeth like few other procedures can, they’ve soared in popularity. Patients report that they have confidence again to smile, eat, talk and laugh. Laughter is one of the sweetest things in life that no one wants to miss!

With implants expertly put in place by Apopka dentists┬álike Dr. Cohil, patients are once again proud of their beautiful smiles. It’s the perfect solution for missing teeth, and one that ensures that no one will ever know you’ve had dental implants, because of their completely natural appearance.

You Have an Array of Options in Dental Implants

Apopka dental implantsImplant options create great choices for patients who have several teeth missing or larger gaps between teeth. A single implant is the smart choice for one missing tooth, but when more teeth are missing or damaged, other implant options are the most savvy ways to correct your smile. Dental implant options include:

  • Hybrid Dentures – Dentures made from a sturdy acrylic material are placed over several implants. The implants serve as the base to hold hybrid dentures securely in place. Hybrid dentures are considered to be a permanent solution due to their use of the screws holding them in place
  • Zirconia Bridges – These are permanent bridges that are carefully crafted from sturdy porcelain. They are screwed into several implants as well, and are also considered to be a permanent solution
  • Overdentures – These are another type of dentures that are securely placed over dental implants. Overdentures are a little different, however, because they snap into place. Or, they can also be fitted on top of dental implants

Choice of your Implant Dentist is Critical for a Great Outcome

Cohil Family DentistryDr. Kirk Cohil from Cohil Family Dentistry has been the dentist Apopka residents have relied on for expert care for almost two decades. His reputation for professionalism, integrity and excellence in dental care, and in performing dental implant procedures makes him a top choice for Apopka dental implants. He strives to keep the honorable position as a top choice in Apopka dentists.

Since 2011, Dr. Cohil has been voted as a top dentist in Orlando and Apopka by Orlando Magazine. You can have everything done right in Dr. Cohil’s office for your convenience and comfort. You’ll be made aware of all your options, and together with Dr. Cohil a plan can be personalized to restore your best smile. He will become your partner and an ally in making sure you experience a great outcome from your new dental implants!

Dental Implants are an Aesthetic and Functional Solution

dental implants Apopka dentistYou don’t have to continue looking into mirrors and not liking the looks of your smile and your teeth when you have an incredibly natural looking option like dental implants. Having implants creates a natural feel, and is a durable solution for long-lasting aesthetic good looks and superior functionality.

Dental implants help solve problems like popping and clicking noises that come from your jaw when you chew, and can help keep your remaining teeth from wearing down as they try to take the place of missing teeth. They can also help problems like teeth drifting. This happens when teeth are missing and other teeth attempt to move over to fill in a gap. Implants may even help atrophy of your jawbone caused by missing teeth, and may help to reduce arthritis symptoms in the jaw joint.

A Long History of Dental Implants

For over 30 years, dental implants have been used to improve the smiles and lives of countless dental patients. Made from sturdy titanium and cosmetically attractive implants replicate people’s natural teeth. Dr. Cohil strives to be the Apopka dentist┬áresidents trust for expert dental care. With expert care and cutting edge treatments like dental implants, your teeth will soon be back to their brilliant and beautiful best, so you can show your best smile to the world.

Implants allow a person to choose what they are going to eat and eliminate wondering how they are going to eat something, when they have missing teeth.

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